4/22/08 I wrote nada. Not squat. But the day is not done yet even though the time stamp says it is tomorrow.
I feel the need to mention that I am so very ready for a vacation. My attitude at work was not good today because I’m tired of working there. Waaa! A lady at work asked me what I was doing to celebrate Earth Day. Celebrate Earth Day? Like Celebrate Christmas? Yeah no. I recycle as much as I can at work (paper and plastic), and I’ve bought some long lasting green lights, but I don’t “celebrate” Yes Let’s go to midnight mass and celebrate the Earth. Love the Earth – wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (not that we’ve a choice at the moment). Don’t need a special day to “celebrate” it.
Okay…I’ll be right back.
271 words about my first Earth Day (that I remember) and related Flagstaff craziness.