[Here is the continuation of my transcription from my journal while I was traveling – complete with notes to self and bad spelling]
Monday 4/28
Woke up early and went to drive the ring of Beara. Passed a different stone circle and the garden wasn’t open yet. Drove to Kenmare. Parked – visited the stone circle there. Did some shopping. Dover the ring and ate lunch in the car. Stopped at an overlook/tourist shop with a carved druid statue. Kind of cheesy. Nice pottery though. Went to Glengarrif – cute town. Also to Castletownbere and down to Dursey Island. Long single lane road to Dursey. Once there we could see Skellig and Little Skellig Islands. Took “Irelands only cable car” across the straight to Dursey Island proper. Stayed for a moment and rode back. Went the less traveled way home. Impressive switchbacks and wonderful views of the ocean. (Saw Bantry Bay on the way to Dursey). Went to the beach in Alliehies. Very groovey. Drove toward home – through a town called Urhin – so we joked about that the whole way back to Ardgroom. Had a drink at the Village Inn – then home. Speghetti, Salad and drinks for dinner. Mary and Katana cooked.
4/29 Tuesday
The original intention this day was to go to Dingle Peninsula. We got as far as Kilarney. However, that was just fine. The rain fell often – and sometimes hail, and the wind was biting. The clouds moved quickly and storms were very Arizona lik in that they would rain on one part of the town but not the other. Our first stop was Kenmare (again). We booked a B&B in Kilkenny for Thursday night via the tourism office (which was emensly cool). Went on N71 through Molls Gap and down past upper and lower Lough Leane. Stopped at Ladies View and Torc Waterfall. Hiked up to the top of Torc waterfall – great views of the lake(s) and Kilarney. At one viewpoing I could see the Lakes Hotel – it was awesome. [stayed at the lakes hotel on my previous trip to Ireland – it has a ruined castle on site.]
In Killarney we parked and hit the tourist curio shops and then O’Connors pub and met Jim Hickey – the local drunk – who invited us to all go home with him. He had Ms. K take a picture and then sware to send him one. Luckily Ms K found a photo processing store that made immediate prints. We took the picture back to him but Jim had left the pub. We left it with the barman. After Kilarney we went back to Kemare to seek out Dan O’Sullivans CD from the O’Connors there. They had never heard of him (Dan O’Sullivan was some musician that Ms K’s dentis saw/knew). Finally home to Ardgroom to have leftovers for dinner (and booze of course).
4/30 Beltane eve
The Witches convention – witcon 4 – was in high gear. Tonight was the award ceremony for the covetted Golden Broomstick* (or ‘the stick’ as the pros called it), the awards feast, and then the big Beltane dance at the stone circle. Since so many witches had shown up, the event coordinators had reserved all the circles in the area and had even set some up themselves – in fields rented from local farmers. The added mud & sheep shit made it ‘more authentic’ according to some participants.
* The stick was given out to the witch who wrote the best spell of the year. There were other awards for best ritual, coven of the year (best group effort for a spell & ritual), and best research paper.

Gorse bush – dull green with spikes and golden yellow flowers that smell of pina colada. Ravens – the normal black ones, then white ones with black wings, and grey ones with black wings. Gold finches. Sheep with white coats and black spots on their faces and legs. Magpies and cowbirds. Older sheep have long coats, baby sheep have short coats – all walking plush toys. Holly bushes. Green grass – sometimes violently green – and grey-green-blue slate and sandstone rocks in rock walls and rock houses. Cloudy skies with patches of darker clouds, patches of blue sky, patches of sun. Rainbows in the afternoons.
4/30 continued…
Went to a garden – very nice. It was more like a wild forest. Then to two separate circles. The first was down a long road and was in the backyard of a hostel. The second (two actually) were at the top of a long hill that had a wonderful waterfall and stream. Long hike but great views of the bay. Come home, ate and had a pagan ritual at the stone circle near the house. Beautiful cool evening with clear skies and puffy clouds on the horizon. hoodypoop. [Mary’s term for a thing was hoodypoop]
5/1/08 May Day
Going to Kilkenny to stay for a night (leaving the cottage a day early so we don’t drive for 6 hours straight). Profound thoughts from Kilkenny at midnight after drinking several gin and tonics, gin and cranberry, and a shot of Middleton’s:
Myrddina came out to a few bars (not pubs in the traditional sence) and at one point said “Oh they’re checking you (girls) out.” K said – and you. M said “Oh no, they’re probably saying who’s the granny.” and M isn’t old looking at all – it’s all in her head. Mary is having pack issues (belonging to the pack) and that’s all in her head. So tonight’s wish is to not be so unaware of posibilities and so tied into negative self vision as to cut out any possibilities. lessons (again) from Kilkenny.
The drive to Kilkenny. We were supposed to be staying at a bed and breakfast outside of Kilkenny. The plan was to take a taxi to town and have dinner and drinks. We drove through Tomastown and saw Jer point something abby on the side of the road. We stopped – it was very cool. On to Dungarvin ? to the B&B. I told the lady proprietor that we’d be there before 6 pm. We arrived at 4:25 or so. No one was in. The house looked great and the view was nice – even though it was hailing with periods of sun. We went to Kilkenny and ended up with a hotel that was nice – just down the street from Kilkenny Castle. We were too late to tour the castle and were leaving too early to see it on Friday. Mary went her own way, and after a bit Myrddina went to bed. Wrynn, Katana, and I bar hopped. We went to Kyterlers (sp?) which was the oldest house in Kilkenny made into a pub. The owner was a reputed witch married 4 times. Her maid hung for witchcraft instead of the owner (who fled). Went to the booze store and viewed the whiskey selection. Foudn the welsh whiskey for dad there. (Guess I don’t have to get it in Wales now). Went to Matt the Millers (bar) to hear a band but they never started (later they did but it was very loud and crowded). Kilkenny was having a music festival starting Friday – which we were all happy to miss. Monday is a bank holiday.
Friday May 2 – Early drive to Trim. Lots of Driving. New Grange – Bru na Boyne – was awesome. Trim is cool – we’re staying in Trim Castle Hotel 0 with the castle right across the street. had Italian for dinner. walked around the ruins outside of the castle. Castle was closed of course – and not open early enough tomorrow. Local music – irish duo – in the hotel bar. They were okay. Sleeping on the Floor due to a hotel snafu. No worries. Tomorrow off to Dublin (1, 2, 3, -4 – 5ve!) and the ferry to Holyhead.