Yes, I’m still trying to do 100 words a day. No longer 100 days because I figure I’ll just keep going. Of course I’m no where near 100 days yet either.
At any rate, I hope you’re enjoying the transcription of my journal (which counted as words those days).
5/13/08 wrote about 2 pages handwritten – so let’s call it 200 words – about fantasy dnd characters for a story I have kicking around the back of my brain. No work on ‘the book’ but that’s okay. Keep writing whatever eh? Okay – not intirely true. Wrote two brief scenes for book during the trip. Also wrote a plot outline and the start of a different story (which I may post here as part of my Ireland/wales journal). We’ll see.

5/14/08 And yup – still on a backlog of words owed. Kind of like my credit card from this vacation. Will I ever be even?