Saturday May 3
Friday night – minimal sleep due to loud wedding reception below us. Got up early and went to Dublin- roads were empty which was nice. Dropping Hue off at the airport was no biggie – hopefully there is a low deductible on Myrddina’s insurance. Took a taxi to Dun Larry (spelled differently) and hung out in the ferry depot until it was time. Took some dramamine which worked for the motion sickness but knocked me out almost. Crossing was uneventful. Ate, looked out the window. Too chopy to read or write. Caught our tain. Pretty countryside (in Wales) – nothing unusual after Ireland. Too tired to see more. There’s a castle and wall around the cdity. Our cottage is in a row of townhouses. Pictures of everything tomorrow – too tired to go out.
Sunday May 4th.
Conwy Wales UK. Got up much more refreshed than yesterday. Went to walk the walls around town – ended up down by the quay. After returning we caught a bus to Dolwyddelan Castle – where Myrddina of Dlowyddelan is from. This castle gave her great frizzion (deja vu) when she first saw it. It is mostly a tower now – still very picturesque and post cardy. Walked down to town to Y Dwygwr pub (which is for sale if you’re interested) and had a grand lunch. The pub owner is a young IT guy who is moving to Southern Wales. He is alwo a book junkie. Mary bought some antique flyfishing rods and told him she was interested in his book collection (which he was thinning). Caught the bus home and walked the walls again- back to the quay to have a pint. I had ice cream. Wrynn and I are now catching up on our journaling and having a ginny drink in our little cottage. The others stayed at the quay to watch the tide come in.
5/5/08 Monday
Went to tour the Conwy castle today. Very cool. Then lunch @ a place that served high and low tea. Typical bland fair. It was okay. Then some shopping. I came home for a break to read and write, maybe nap. The others came in a few hours later. We went to George and Dragon pub. I was hungry but they stopped serviing at 4pm and it was after 5pm. Wrynn and I chatted. She bought a stuffed colly dog to represent ‘our dog’ Rampant Roy (rye) – the dog from the Ardgroom cottage. We’re taking his picture whereever we go. Myrddina and Katana joined us. Mary stayed home. We had several pints and talked to the barman (Duncan), and the owner (Tony) ,and Dave (an old fellow who wore red and yellow striped dinner jacket. The colors were for some local I assume, cricket team. They were all English. Wrynn observed that most of the keepers in town were English and Duncan said that’s due to Conwy being an English town – from when Ed I took over in the 1400s. The Welsh still hate the English evidently. Duncan made us ham and cheese sandwiches – which was very nice. Went to a different pub (Malt Loaf) to see Traditional music – which had moved next door. Got swamped by drunk locals (Welshmen). I bailed. The others went on. I have Rampant with me so he doesn’t walk off.
Tuesday May 6
Took a bus to Baumaris Casdtle today. Wrynn, Miss K, Myrddina and I went through the castle while Mary shopped in the town. Baumaris (pretty marsh) is on the caost. We ate at a tea house. I had roast beef and yorkshire pudding. Mom’s pudding is better. The castle (another Ed I) is large – unfinished – with a nice moat complete with swan. Many seagulls. Lots of cool narrow staircases, rooms and hallways. The walk around the outerwall was closed, which is too bad because it could have been quite picturesque. Myrddina, Mary, and Katana went on a tour boat to Puffin Island. They saw one puffin, but a couple of seals. Puffisn are very small. Wrynn and I sat on the pier and then sat at the castle. At the park next to the pier there is a fake stone circle (created in 1996). Took a picture anyway. The others returned and we stopped for a drink at Ye Old Bull something – it had a lot of neat horse tack (brasses) and Brittan’s largtest door – supposedly. Took a bus home to Conwy and had Italian for dinner. Back in the house – exhausted once again.
Wednesday May 7th
Went to Betws y Coed (koi-d according to Duncan the barman at George and Dragon. Walked uphill 2 miles to Swallow fallas. Very nice. Then walked down (not along the road as on the way up) but by the stream. Very nice. The moss covered treas had intertwined roots (many were also moss covered) and the rocks were jutting out of the streambed and walkway. The river looked inviting especially when the sun cameout from behind the few clouds. I imagine its a popular swim spot during the summer (assuming it gets hot here). Then we had lunch at Pont y Pint (something like that) – a hotel bar. I had assorted cheese and salad. Yum! Wrynn and I caught the train back to Conwy – our feet hurt. Miss K and Myrddina stayed to shop. Mary had stayed the day in Conwy. Once back in town I called Sean – good to speak with him – and Wrynn and I had gin and sat in the front yard with our feet in the grass. Then we went down to the George and Dragon Pub (and hotel) where we once again met Tony (owner), Duncan, and assorted other locals (all Brits and not Welsh). Tony suggested Port Marionh instead of Mount Snowdon for tomorrow’s adventure. Duncan suggested Electric Mountain (which is up near the slate mines). Evidently there’s a man-made lake that they drain through turbines every night to generate electricity. Every monring they fill the lake up again. Strange. Miss K and Myrddina joined us at the pub. We got soe groceries for dinner and watched the live Salute to the British Armed Froces on TV. The host of Top Gear (Jeremy someone) was the MC. It was in London. A nice ceremony recognizing the troops, vets and families. Princes William and Harry were there as well as the Lord Mayor of London- who is 2nd highest ranking in order of precedence to the monarch. Interesting. Off to bed. Tomorrow Mt. Snowdon. Snowdonia.
May 8th Thursday
Went to Mount Snowdon today. Train to Bangor, bus to Llan something. Took a steam train up the hill. The very top was not open – new visitors center under construction. Pretty but not amazing. Very windy where we stopped. At the bottom, across the parking lot and around a knoll [spelled gnoll – ha!] was a Welsh round castle. Great views.. Bus ride home complete with Wales’ version of a crack ho asking her co-riders to help her score if she showed them her tits. She had her ex? boyfriend/husband and two kids in tow. Having speghetti at the house then down for a final drink at George and Dragon. Tomorrow we clean, train to Holyhead, ferry to Dublin. Saturday we fly home.
Persons in Wales:
Tony and Wendy Fisher
Mark (nephew of Tony. Construction worker)
Des (looked like David Niven) – gov’t worker and former RAF
Peter (worked at Fisherman’s fish and chips – best in town according to the neighbor lady. Looked like uncle Zip.
Garry from Northern Ireland
Frank from Scotland who barked like a dog
Duncan and Lynn (Duncan the barman)
Curly dark haired David with the quiet voice from Scotland who was booted from the bar for stealing a drink. He struck me as shifty. He liked Mary though.
May 9 Wales to Ireland
Up early. Walked the walls again. Very nice. Saw Des in his work uniform. Very hungover. Saw Wendy, Peter. Said farewell to Max at the Conwy Information Center. Took the train to Holyhead. Caught the feerry. It was a smoother ride than last time. Took a taxi through downtown Dublin during rush hour. Saw the Irish Whitehouse, Trinity College, and Temple Bar. We stayed at the Radisson airport. Ate in the bar. Went to bed. Shared a room with Myrddina.
May 10 Ireland to Chicago
Didn’t sleep well. 15EU for breakfast at the hotel – bleck, so we ate at the airport. Sat next to Katana on the plane. Saw Iron Maiden’s airplane. It has a picture of Eddie on the tail. Very cool.

So that’s it kids. I noticed that I started to just got down points toward the end there and not really describe anything. That was probably due to laziness. We lost Mary in Chicago. I guess she got a different flight. She and Wrynn (and most everyone else by the end of the trip) did not get along. As Wrynn said, “I’m sure there’s a reason why she’s along, but hell if I know why it is.”