I’ve been bad. Not writing my 100 words per day. In fact, I can’t remember my last 100 words – but luckily they were recorded in a previous post.
On the upside, I’ve had an idea about my book. I was stuck in the revision – overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. But I came up with an idea: break it into smaller pieces and go from there. Now my book has been sliced into sections (the part I haven’t finished/edited yet) and they’re not so scary now.
Yup – wrote some scene bits and gathered some ideas to fill in the blanks. Not sure if this stuff will end up in the final verison but then again, not sure if there will be a final version. Just kidding. I will finish this book and the next two in the series. I will. And then I will sell this book, and the next two in the series. I will. Regardless – happy to be writing on it again.
When are they going to perfect that connector that goes directly from the brain to the computer?