The header was lifted from
Used without permission but if you don’t complain I won’t. I’ll probably change it again soon anyway. That website (Fractal World Gallery) has awesome art!

The header image reminded me of a Greek temple mosaic, with a little bit of magic from the gods slipped in between the tiles. Athena, goddess of wisdom, could be looking out through the eye like medallions; watching her worshippers. The building, complete with classic Ionic columns and lofty ceilings with bas relief carvings, would be open to the ocean breezes blowing up from the beach down the hill. Temple maidens dressed in white peplos*tied with cords made of glass and metal beads. The maidens brought in water in graceful urns, and poured it at the feet of the statue of the goddess, then danced in circles around the statue chanting.

Above is a sample of the type of thing I sometimes write when seeking out the 100 word goal. Above is 111 words according to MS Word. Did you know that publishers count words differently than Microsoft? Not surprising I guess. Publishers use a formula that requires a ruler and a really hot cup of tea to get those brownian exciters going**.

*Greeks did not wear togas. The girls wore peplos and the men wore chlamys.
Found this on a site ( – thought it was amusing:
“It would be interesting if the chlamys became a popular form of modern clothing. The chlamys is much more comfortable than most forms of clothing, especially for males. If you use two bulldog clips instead of only one, it’s quite discrete and should be completely acceptable even amongst conservative people. One woman told me it looks quite sexy. Fashion designers take note: The chlamys is the male fashion of the future! Dig it, fashion executives! It’s about time us males had something comfortable to wear. (It can’t be healthy to have one’s most sensitive bits compressed and confined 16 hours a day for a lifetime. Ancient Roman males thought that trousers were only for females because of the negative effects on their manhood. Trousers are really a form of birth control. They reduce male fertility and suppress erotic thoughts by restricting blood supply.) I’m sure that women in general will find the chlamys quite dashing. Maybe the chlamys was the ancient Greek social equivalent of the 1960s mini-skirt, intended to show the healthy young body in an intriguing way. The ancient Greeks of the 5th century BC certainly regarded nudity and minimal clothing as attributes of higher civilisation. They regarded body-shyness as barbaric or old-fashioned. Coincidentally, modern Western countries think similarly about muslim clothing attitudes.
The chlamys fashion would be particularly suitable for rock musicians on stage, especially if the chlamys material is richly decorated and highlighted. If musicians take the lead, I’m sure the rest of the world will follow. (Fashion executives should also note that the spear is a must-have accessory for the chlamys. You can sell colour-coordinated spears to go with the chlamys, but make sure they fold away telescopically in a car for travel. There’s nothing quite so annoying as a spear sticking out of a car window. Spears also need to be able to fit into a suitcase for travel.) ”

**See Improbability Drive, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I am happy to report that the book is progressing. I also have a short story I am working on which yes, ES, I will post here.