So I had this pen at work. A Kingdom of Atenveldt pen. Blue, plastic, ergonomic, gold lettering, ball point. It was from the Kingdom Collegium and it was nifty.  It lived in my pen cup at work, or if not there, it rested on my note pad by the phone. I’m meticulous (read: anal) about things, and one of them is putting my work desk in order before leaving. Not my home desk mind you – that’s a wreck, but at work I tend to be ordered. So, it is highly unlikely that I left the pen where it would easily walk.
Any number of things could have happened, including the pen falling into the trashcan and being disposed of by the cleaning crew. Or perhaps the cleaning crew thought it was nifty too and liberated it. Or a coworker (my boss?) could have needed a pen and just happened to have selected that one and not returned it. Anything. Up to and including faeries.
But I liked that pen. Narf.