Found the picture on my title page at

title: Foam
description: Bryce, Poser and Photoshop. “Most of my images are created within a few days, since I like to work fast while the ideas are flowing. Apart from the inevitable computer crashes, digital art for me lets my creative spirit free in ways I never imagined. ”

What I love about the Foam picture: I love the translucent otter pop blue color of the water and the action of the waves. It looks like one of those cheesy oil paintings that you see in the ads for “Art Sale – 100s of Paintings for $10”. The fact that it was computer generated takes this picture from American Cheese to Gouda. The rocks could be different, but that’s okay.

It’s Wednesday. About half-way through Chapter 10.  Not much else is new.
Ummmm, otter pops…