Arthur Dent said he could never get the hang of Thursdays. Today I completely agree. Usually Thursday is a good day – one day closer to the weekend. One day closer to relaxation and fun. But not today. Today I am anxious. I’m going camping – and that’s fine. Not really ready and right at the moment, not really interested in going because it’ll take a lot of effort and energy I don’t seem to have. However, it will be worth it because several of my friends are going and it will be good to see them. Some of them I haven’t seen in six months or more.
Here’s the root of my anxious-ness. My mate hasn’t called me. He’s on vacation with 10000 other people in Pennsylvania (which is a long way away), and he grudingly told me he would call me once during the time he was gone. He hasn’t called. He comes back on Sunday. I come back from camping on Sunday too. In his defense, he has responded to most of my text messages – and no I don’t expect him to be looking at his phone all the time. He’s supposed to be relaxing and having fun. I’m just paranoid. And lonely. That’s not a good combination for me. I start to spin multitudes of maybes which are mostly negative. I read a quote from Budda a moment ago that said something about an undisciplined mind leading to misery. Sorry Dude, I’m trying. Yoda would say “Do or Do Not, there is no try” Yoda’s a 3 foot Muppet though.
Anyway, I went to one of my favorite ‘pick-me-up’ websites and this was its message for Thursday:
Thursday ‘s Message
from the Universe

Good morning fellow adventurer!

My wonderful friend,

You’re not here to suffer… to hunger… to cry… to hope… to wish… to try. You’re here TO THRIVE, and the entire Universe is on your side.


Here’s to Thriving! I’m ready (I think)