I haven’t done one of those in a while…
Have I been writing? No, not a lot.
Thank you to those who have asked “And how’s that book going?”  Believe me, your prodding is needed and welcome.
I have an idea (have had for a while but now I’ve worked on it, so it’s official) about a romance/erotica novel based on the song “The Pirate’s Daughter’s Lament”, which is a song about a pirate girl who has a guy in every port. I’ve started the preliminary research and have started to come up with a story line and some names. 
Why – you may ask – would I stop forward progress on my book to start something completely different? If I keep doing that, surely I’ll never get anything done. I’ll tell you: working on something else frees the brain to subconsciously work on the more important project. See, I was stuck in NYC at a pivotal chapter(s) in the rock book and so I needed to kick the brain into creative mode again so that I could get around my blockage.
As a result, I am less blocked on those NYC chapters – just need to get the time to finalize them, and move on to another city. Annnnd, I have some work done on the planning for the pirate book.
Win win (maybe not high scores, but at least it’s in the W column)