Hapy Friday Cusp Day!
Not much new. Off to Phoenix tomorrow to see Branden’s Eagle Scout ceremony after attending the Romance Writers of America – Saguaro branch’s luncheon. Both should be fun.
I signed up for Book In A Week (BIAW), which is a ‘contest’ for people to see how many pages they can generate – hopefully working on a book – in a week. I should have skipped this time because I haven’t started a new book at all, and have barely worked on The Book. But oh well – maybe next month or the month after. Can you believe the month after is January 2009? Yikes!
My goal is to have The Book finished by the end of the year. Fingers are crossed. Just need to make it happen. Just do it, right?  Since we are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, hopefully I can crank a few chapters out. I’m in Canada at the moment. The next stop is a pivital chapter in Maine, then a stop in NYC again, then Cleveland, Chicago (two chapters), Kansas City, Denver, Texas (climax), Albuquerque (romance climax), Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Fini.  I think that’s about 13 chapters. I’ve cut several cities off of the tour in hopes that will encourage me to finish it. Just 13 more chapters. Yeah – that’s the ticket.
I read that TOR books has a new Paranormal line, that takes paranormal romances and urban fantasy with some romance. I think my book fits into urban fantasy with romance, so I might try submitting to them. TOR, according to the article, does not require a query letter – which is good. So I could probably just send a cover letter with the manuscript. That’d be cool (will have to read the actual submission guidelines). TOR is a cool company anyway as they have published several of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy titles.
Did you know that today, Nov. 21st, is my heroine’s birthday? I bet you didn’t.

Happy Friday