Happy Natal Day to Moi. Happy Natal Day to Moi…
Going to the zoo in a few minutes with my alpha smart and am going to work on a story idea I have about a leopard that turns into the human at night. So – he spends most of his time as a leopard at the zoo, and at night he finds himself behind bars and fighting for his life against the other normal leopards/big cats. Kindly junior zoo keeper girl (love interest) rescues him.  Her nemisis is another male-ish girl zoo keeper who wants to be/or is second in command. The head of the zoo is wise a older gentleman with a secret… will let you know how this turns out.
I’m thinking short story: just the leopard man meets girl, saves girl, falls in love, girl saves leopard man, girl gets busted by nemisis at critical point in the romance relationship and so doesn’t show – leopard man thinks she doesn’t love him because he’s a freak, wise head of the zoo saves the day. Girl and leopard man live HEA (happily ever after) – or at least for this story.

As for the book – Chapter 17, Andrea’s anniversary in Portland ME. Should be able to finish that chapter today (after the zoo trip).

Cheers! ~Pongo