I know the song says “Tuesday afternoon” (Moody Blues) but it’s Thursday. Again. In fact it’s Thursday during the long dark tea time of the afternoon (2:00pm to 3:00pm at work). Bleck.
Writing Update:
Took pictures of the jaguars at the zoo and noted some atmospheric things to help me if I ever write my leopard-in-the-day-time story.
Am on Chapter 18 of The Book
Found an old story – murder mystery – set in Peru. Just had the first opening scenes, but it was good. Amazing what I can write if I don’t think about it. I must truly be a ‘pantster’.  Many times I tell myself just to write the damn thing and worry about plot later.  Or, like in the last post, I’ll outline what happens and then loose all momentum for the actual writing.

Other things of note. Well, not really of note but… My neighbor has a saguaro on his property – next to my fence. He pulled off a few of the arms because, he said, the saguaro is dying and might fall on his grand-kids when they are playing out there in the future. The arm he pulled off was a healthy green color and took a lot of manovering to get off. To me, that means the plant is not dead.  I love saguaros. I think they’re beautiful creatures. Like no other any other place in the entire world. Thus the fact that they’re a protected species. So – Mr. Neighbor Idiot – you’ve broken the law.  Sigh. Makes me mad every time I look out my kitchen window and catch sight of the chopped up arms. Argh! I even noticed new growth on the poor thing. Fucker.  How many people have you heard of getting killed every year by falling dead saguaros? Not many. Only stupid people trying to pull them down. And for feck sake – teach your stupid grand-kids to respect nature and the desert. Or go back to whatever flat featureless plain you come from.
Yes, I need to get over this. His time will come and the cactus gods will seek their revenge.