I’m on Chapter 22 of The Book (Chicago part 1). I’m eager to get it finished…and as you may have read previously, I really wanted to have it done by now. 
New Goal: I’ll get it done by the end of this month (January 31st).
On the other hand, I have a paranormal romance plotted out. I’m going to try working on it for the ‘Book In A Week’ competition, which starts on Saturday the 17th and ends on Friday the 23rd. The idea is to see how many pages one can do in a week.
Also, there’s a new Write for the Roses competition with the RWA group. The idea is to update your % completed on a novel every month and if completed you can present your work to an agent/editor at the end of the year. It’s a foot-in-the-door opportunity.
I’m the new chronicler for RWA in Tucson. Hopefully that will all work out. First issue of the Newsletter comes out on Monday 5th (I hope).
Other writing…The continuing story seems to have stopped. People are probably waiting for me to write more on it. I’m waiting for time or inspiration (since Time notoriously doesn’t wait; the rude bastard). The Tad and the Vampires story is also waiting for time/inspiration.  I don’t think Spirals will ever be finished, so I’ll write a quick note (there) on how it was supposed to go. Never say never though. Once I’m a well-known published author, someone may want to read the completed story. Yeah – that’s the ticket.