Greetings all!
I am on chapter 23! I should have the RWA January newsletter complete tonight (fingers crossed!), and it’s only Tuesday January 6th. Woot. I hope your day is going well so far.

Why are Adverbs bad? Adverbs, you know, the little “ly” words used to describe a verb, have been slowly disappearing from American speech. In romance fiction, we are told that using adverbs is bad – mmm k? and don’t do it. Don’t use the verb To Be either in your story telling. (Example: was. He felt like he was going to puke.) Both adverbs and the To Be verb are considered Passive writing. Passive equates boring. So don’t do it. .. and then I read a MC Beaton mystery novel and her writing was filled with To Be verbs. So maybe it’s just a romance genre thing. .. but back to adverbs.
On the broadcast news I heard “And the little boy returned home safe.”  It irritated me. The little boy was not home safe (as in making a home-run) he was home safely (as in not harmed).  Not using adverbs is lazy. Yes – we’re lazy Americans.  We text people and say How R U? instead of typing out – with our thumbs while driving in rush-hour traffic  – How are you? And what’s wrong with modifying a boring verb? (yeah yeah Passive, but really? Aren’t we all striving for a peaceful exsistance?) I think it’s all about word count. Example:
   He felt like he was going to puke
   He really felt like he was going to puke violently
   Oh my god, he thought, I’m going to blow chunks right here, right now, right in front of Jane. Shit.
   His stomach grumbled and churned.
   Bile burned his throat and his mouth filled with salt
  Oh my god, he thought, I’m going to blow chunks right here, right now, right in front of Jane. Shit.
  The contents of his stomach twisted and sprang forth – like Old Faithful erupting on a spring afternoon – on to the silk stockings and patten-leather heels of the woman he most wanted to impress; the woman at whose word his fragile financial standing would crash and burn like the Hindenburg.

Anyway, on to other idiotic things. On last night’s 5pm news, there’s a section called Kristie’s kids, where Kristie (the news anchor) reports on sappy child-related issues. This time she profiled a girl whose parents had lost their child-rearing rights. The kid now lives in an orphanage and “would really like a new family”. It was just like an adopt-a-pet advertisement. They even said something like “this little girl would fit in well with a family with other children.”  They went through her talents and her other selling points. It made me kinda sick – or is that sickly? It sickened me.  Has the world always been this freaky?