“Upon us all a little rain must fall…”
So saith Bobby Plant, so shall it be.
It seems like every few months I do something really stupid. Something I should know not to do, but do anyway. Wether it be drinking too much or signing up for something I know I really don’t want to do…somehow there’s a lesson that I’m just not learning and unfortunately I’m not sure what it is, and I get to repeat the lesson. Could be that I’m not taking enough time for consideration before saying “Yes” or maybe I’m backing out too soon once I realize or think I realize that I don’t want to do the thing in question.  I suspect it’s a little of both.
So today’s blunder is the local RWA newsletter. I said yes with some trepedition but thought that I could do it – it’d be good for me – good for my writing resume – and helpful to the chapter. Yeah, should have listened to that little voice in the back of my mind that said “you really don’t want to do to this.” But I didn’t. In December I first started to play with the newsletter template and experienced some frustration. Then it was time to really put the newsletter out and I experienced some major frustration. So I backed out. Told the people whom I said yes to that I was wrong – I really meant ‘no.’ No, as in not going to, can’t make me.
Wow. Feeling a little whimpy, but also feeling justified that I’ve done the right thing. Life will be much nicer without freaking out each month over margins, clip art, and articles that don’t format correctly. And yes, feeling a little guilty about letting people down. Just a little bit though – not enough to say “just kidding, I’ll do it.”

Still languishing in Chapter 23.  Hopefully will get it finished at lunch today. I thought I’d be doing Book In A Week next week but no, I need to finish my book. January 31st – before loading for Estrella War and the war itself – that’s the goal. Obviously not going to do BIAW next month either because…Estrella War. Maybe in March.

“Ain’t so hard to recognize – These things are clear to all from
time to time…”