Just some food for thought. Two quite separate acquaintences having two interesting issues with parents. The first has children and her father-in-law was supposed to watch those children while she and her husband went on vacation. The father-in-law told the gal that he had to work most of the week and the kids would be in day care. Then for the weekend he was going to take them with him to San Francisco because he had a meeting there. This arrangement for her children made her mad – so now she’s taking her children with her on her vacation. I’m not sayin this is correct or incorrect – I just don’t understand the anger.  Yeah – the father-in-law should have told her that he couldn’t watch the kids because he was working a long time ago (not a week before she leaves for the vacation) and yeah, spending a week in day care instead of hanging out a grandpa’s house would suck, but what’s wrong with him taking the kids to San Francisco? I guess she’s scared he’s going to leave them alone while he’s at his meeting.  And the timing on his part was bad. Really bad. But she was really mad, end-the-relationship-disown-you mad. Never-want-to-see-your-ugly-mug-again mad.  Mad enough to call me so that I could witness her temper tantrum over the phone. Ah well – she definitely has more passion than I about a lot of subjects, not just bad fathers-in-law.
The other friend has an elderly father who is, from her reports, very stubborn and unfortunately sick. He lives by himself in Boston. He went into the hospital and then refused the rehab they wanted him to do, so the state got involved and wanted to declare him incompetent. He wants her to move back to Boston to take care of him. She told him to piss off. Okay – I don’t know the father or any of the back ground but geeze – he’s the father. One is supposed to care for one’s elders, right? I’d move to Boston to take care of my father. But then again, I have a good relationship with my father and doubt we’d ever be in that situation. It baffles me.
So – I’m hear to say (again) that I just don’t understand people.

On a different more appetizing subject, my book, I am happy to report that I am very near the end. Yes, I was supposed to have finished it by January 31st and no I did not because I was very ill. Hard to write when you can’t even sit up. The doctor still hasn’t reported back what my multiple test results are. I expect that there was nothing wrong but an ugly unknown virus and a lot of exhaustion.
So – the book. Am on Chapter 27 New Orleans. Should be finishing that up at noon today and moving on to the climax chapters of Texas. Did you know that FBI agents are required to have 20/20 vision? So my FBI agent who has glasses, those glasses now have to be a part of his undercover role. The interesting things one finds out when researching…

Happiest of Tuesdays to you and your fathers.