Long time no post – sorry about that. Time does seem to be slipping past like the blurred scenery as seen from a fast moving train.
I’m still in Texas, but the brain-pot she is a bubblin’ and I should be moving on to the SEX scene fairly soon. My most recently stated goal was to have the whole thing done by Sunday the 15th (3 days from now). Realistically, if I worked on it non-stop I might be able to finish by then but I know that’s not going to happen because there’s WOW tonight and maybe tomorrow night. Or drinking tomorrow night – it being Friday and all. Saturday we’re shopping/fixing bicycles. Saturday evening I’m going to a girls-only dinner and then to an SCA-ish St. Patrick’s Day party, and Sunday I expect to either go to the Book Festival (which I want to go to on Saturday too but…) or play WOW or both. Oh, and I have to clean my nasty house sometime in there.

The EDITS system by Margie. I’m taking her online class this month and I’m confused. She has a cool color-coding system to help people edit their work. Unfortunately I don’t understand it. And eventually this class is supposed to tell us how to write character emotions better. I respect her and she does get good results. I don’t think my learning style matches her teaching though. So – I’ll save the info from the class and revisit after I’ve finished the book. I’ve taken a class from her partner-buddy Mary and it was excellent and I learned quite a bit. Regardless, at this point in my book (the impending ending looming like the cliffs of insanity over me) – I shouldn’t be taking any classes that mess with my writers world view.  Detach right? This is not my baby. These words are just words and they aren’t good or bad. They just are.