Happy St. Patrick’s Day
In looking back I realize that it’s been a year since ES and I came up with the Tad and the Leprechauns story line. I really should finish that one! Maybe at the end o’ the month when the book is finished.  Speaking of, I’m in the Sex chapter and its shorter than I had anticipated. Wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am.  I suspect I’ll be revisiting that to add some more volume. 3 pages just doesn’t seem like enough of a chapter, especially after building up to this climax for the whole book…Maybe I’ll go read some Laurell K. Hamilton for inspiration.

It’s 3 billion degrees out today. Wish I were in Ireland, maybe at Portmagee (see header above) sitting in that little pub with the outstanding crab claws, and maybe dunking my tootsies in the waves.

May your beer be tasty despite the food coloring!