Thank you for those who have started – and finished! reading Ghost on Tour. I appreciate your kind words and gentle feedback.
The characters have resumed speaking to me for book 2, Demon in the Studio. The original name was Hurricane Season, which was changed for the same reason Swimming with Sharks was changed; not obvious enough. Of course, if I get these published the names will be changed again.

Other projects that have sprung to light (does light spring – leaping like a gazelle from darkness into being? Just curious.)…

Fantasy mystery with an occidental jungle tropical island setting (think Bali) about a monk and a magical temple guardian commanded by the Emperor to seek out the theif of a magical chalice that has properties that will save the Emperor’s favorite pregnant wife – and this his un-born son.

A murder mystery in the southwest involving a female photo journalist who’s curiocity leads her to witness the aftermath of the murder of a scuzball restaurant owner, and to have a run-ins with the tough sheriff, a bad-boy bartender, and a witchy postal worker.

A murder mystery set in a call-center.

Hopefully these will all be real stories that I can share with you.