Not much new here. Yet another Thursday. I should be working, and I should be working on my book (at work ha!) I’m in the Book-in-a-week challenge from my RWA group. This is where you write as much as you can on your project for a week, and everyone in the challenge reports the number of pages they’ve written. At the end of the week (at the meeting), the person with the most pages gets a crown. Between us, we will have created enough pages to make a book. I think last month’s page count was close to 250. Me? I’m at 11 pages since Saturday just past. However, I’m on Chapter Three of the new Book (Book Two, aka Demon in the Studio), so I’m okay with only 11 new pages. Would like more for the challenge but we’ll see. I’m enjoying writing on Book Two. Am waiting for the (a) bad guy to tell me somethings so I can move on in the chapter…
And what does this have to do with Cybermen United? Nothing. On the way into work this morning I saw a bald man walking. He was wearing silver headphones and he looked (at 45 miles per hour) like a cyberman. Cybermen were controlled by implants in their heads – via their ears. So I assume the control had something to do (until they were upgraded of course) with sound. Which leads me to sounds that affect me. For example, my work-mate (sitting across the pod from me working diligently instead of goofing off like I am currently), listens to an annoying Pop Radio Station that plays all the recent music from stars like Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and the like. The station also has a famous DJ morning show with a really obnoxious announcement, “John Jay and Rich!”. Imagine a higher pitched voice, say a teen-aged boy in the midst of his juevos dropping, with a slight case of bronchitis – enough to make his voice kind of gravelly. Imagine this kid screaming “John Jay and Rich!” every hour. And then imagine the DJs running an audio version of Reality TV, with people calling in and expressing themselves by spoofing an already poorly sung over-played tune (today’s highlight), or sobbing about their cheating boyfriend/husband – who had just called in a moment earlier, or the side-kick to these two heroes expressing her well-educated and informed opinion about the most recent American Idol or Survivor episode in her somewhat nasally brillo-pad voice.  (I apologize if you, my occasional reader, actually like this radio show. My main complaint is that I have to hear it everyday.)
Such radio broadcasts, as with much of the news media and all of ‘reality tv’, are meant to inform us of what our opinions about the world are supposed to be. And I say – throw off those cyberman ear phones and think for your-own-damn-self.

Yeah, whatever Pongo. Shut up and do your work