I will write productively – getting scenes and chapters written and finalized – every day, and have book two finished by September 1, 2009.

I suspect ‘my process’ is to write and then go back and spend forever revising and then put the final product in a box and forget about it.  What I’d like to do – Ideally –  is write, revise minimally because I write it correctly the first time, and put the final product in the mail to some agent/publisher with no fear of being laughed at.
Ha! Ha-ha-ha ha-ha ha ha. Ha. I laugh at myself before someone else can laugh at me.
There. It can’t hurt anymore. I’ve been laughed at.

I’m taking a pitch/query class now and I’m dreading it. Marketing. Bleck.
Maybe I should return to the 100 words in a 100 days practice. I’m feeling kind of mentally-creatively constipated. Is there colon-blow for the creative mind?