“I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.”

I recently had a Qigong (pronounced ‘chi kung’ according to the internet) massage from a man named Tim. He reminded me of my cousin Peter in looks, although he was a much mellower soul. He pointed out the trouble areas I had – including the rounding of the shoulders and the sore feet and explained by touch how some areas were hard on the top and soft of the bottom and that the key was to find some balance between the two. For example, the top of my legs are rock hard, but the backside are flabby soft. My ears (I never thought of ears as a place to store stress…) are hard and stiff. His ear – yes, he had me touch his ear – was soft and maliable.  He suggested I massage my own ears to help promote softness and stress reduction. He also suggested sitting for five or more minutes with me feet and hands in warm water. Warm water promotes blood flow and stress reduction. Try it for thirty days and see if it helps you. So – I’m on day three. So far, it makes me sleepy. And my right ear is more maliable than my left.  I guess that might be because I’m right handed and better at massaging with that hand.  I’m going back next month to see what he thinks.
The massage left me less tired and wrung out than the Swedish type massage that I usually receive from my usual massuse, who has incredibly strong hands, but I also didn’t feel that incredible loosening of knots in my back. I guess I’ll have to have both types. Shucks.
And I need to go back to yoga. I like yoga. It’s just hard for me to make myself practice alone, in my house. And the classes are out of my price range at the moment.
My excuse – make it as big as I want, right?

My writing has stalled. So – back to 100 words in 100 days to get me started again.  Anyone got a topic?