The house’s porch wraps around three sides and has four doors – one for each side and two for the main egress from the living room area out to the side facing the lake. Its white paint is fading and cracked and needs a good sanding. The floor, wooden, is in good condition though – solid and reassuring despite the occasional hollow-sounding echo when trod upon. The furnace and duct work hide in the crawl space under the floor, no doubt with countless creepy crawlies and a family of raccoons. The raccoons are slightly better than the squirrels, who insist on making nests in the eves above the porch.  A bit of steel wool is supposed to fix that. He was supposed to have done that last winter but no, unless they suddenly got a taste for it and ate it all – or maybe the squirrel babies are sleeping nestled in steel wool and maple leaf beds? Add that to the list, and paint. Not this off white – but a bright white. A white white like the cabinets in the kitchen. Something to brighten up the place when the sun shines on it.
The porch has a swing bench, and lovely old wicker fan-chairs, painted that aweful off-white. Paint for chairs too – and new cushions. These are rotten. Add wind chimes – the soft tinkle of bells would be a nice addition to the whispering of the trees, the frog mating calls, and the cries of the lake birds, herons, hunting the frogs. Which would be worse – to be the frog looking for a mate or the bird looking for the frog? Worse to be the frog. Do frog legs go with merlot?