The stairs going up to the second floor tend to be slippery due to the crushed plush red carpeting being worn in the center of the stairs, so one has to step carefully up and down, holding on to the polished mahogany railing with its fragile looking spindles. At the top, a small rectangular landing and a hallway leading both left and right. To the right – the nursery cum office and a guest room. Immediately opposite the stairs, a small bathroom painted in dark aqua with lighter blue and green accents – the sea bathroom. To the left the master bedroom, its bathroom, and another guest room.
At the end of the left-ward hall, a small storage closet and an access to the attic.
A long stretch of braided rug runs the length of the hallway, the light from the swan-necked wall sconces showing where the doors have rubbed it.  The scent of dust and abandonment – kind of like the smell of mothballs coming from the closet – hangs in the air.
The partial opened door to the master bedroom shows nothing but cool darkness. Fitting in that the love in that room had faded like the heat from a dying fire. Bravely flicking the light on and pushing the door back fully, the room stands in disorder – items strewn about, sheets removed from the  sleigh bed and curtains drawn back on the night. An ominous stain partially hidden under an oriental rug peaks out near the corner of the naked bed. No – even if the room has been professionally cleaned (and someone needs to look up what ‘professional’ really means) and the dirty deed swept out of the way – there is no way any sleep could come to this room tonight.  Better to stay in the lavender guest room near the office, behind a locked door.