I digress from my 100 words (of which I owe 200 for Sunday and today) to talk about the NBC show Merlin.
The TV writers/producers must think we’re all a bunch of idiots. A very predictable plot, paper-thin characters, quasi-medieval-fantasy setting with not so imaginative set design. The only good thing was the magic special effects and even those weren’t amazing. Krod Mandoonand the Flaming Sword of Destiny has about the same level of thought put into it as Merlin (same production team anyway. Krod is kinda funny)  AND they cancelled Chuck for this? Oye.
If one is going to all the expense and trouble to write a series based on Young Merlin and ignoring all Arthurian lore – why not be really innovative? Why not Young Merlin set in a modern era (since the medieval era is so cliche and obviously not adhered to)? He could be a magic using computer wiz or something, working for the ‘kingdom’ corporation – helping save the corporation that young Arthur inherited or created or whatever. I see a story in there somewhere. Money grabbing step-mother Morgana and her precious baby Mordred, beautiful but stupid wife Guenevere sleeping around with business partner Lancelot…(Anyway, before I get too wrapped up in the possibilities ) I realized something about Merlin; it’s a feckin’ kids show. Sunday night show directed at pre-teens. Yeah – and I watched it. Which just goes to show you what level my intelligence is hovering at these days.