Okay – here we go. 100 words. I can do it.

Sunlight shoots in under the shade which should have been pulled down completely but somehow crept back up during the fretful night.  The light, golden and relentlessly cheerful, crawls up to the foot of the bed and across the mounds under the sheet. Not just foot-shaped mounds, but curled up puppy body – under the sheets. Oh he would have been mad about that.  Soft warm puppy fir -thickening and becoming slightly more wiry as winter comes on and her second coat fills in – so good to wriggle toes in. A soft groan and then movement under the sheets and a wet tongue tickling across the instep.  The sunlight reaches the headboard – no going back now.  The room transforms from light gray to its real lavender color.  First night down – so far so good; house still standing, nightmares – mere fillies – fading, door still locked.
Off to the market today – maybe they have pumpkins.