This is not counted as writing, but it is how I do research and eventually it might happen to turn into a story of some sort. I’m thinking the girl is a Native American slave who has some special powers and the guy is Spanish. Not sure the story will stay in 1870 – might make it earlier to when the Spanish were trying to convince people to stay with them instead of going with the US. Think Zorro time period. After 1849 but not more than 1870.

Kingston Trio:
South Coast, the wild coast, is lonely. You may win at a game at Jolon,
But the lion still rules the barranca, and a man there is always alone.
My name is Juan Hano de Castro. My father was a Spanish grandee,
But I won my wife in a card game, to Hell with the Lord’s oversee.
I picked up the ace. I had won her! My heart, which was down at my feet,
Jumped up to my throat in a hurry–Like a warm summer’s day, she was sweet.
Her arms had to tighten around me as we rode up the hills from the south.
Not a word did I hear from her that day, or a kiss from her pretty red mouth.
We came to my cabin at twilight. The stars twinkled out on the coast.
She soon loved the valley, the orchard–but I knew that she loved me the most.
Then I got hurt in a landslide, with crushed hip and twice-broken bone.
She saddled our pony like lightning, rode off in the night, all alone.
The lion screamed in the barranca; the pony fell back on the slide.
My young wife lay dead in the moonlight. My heart died that night with my
(Chorus)>>,_California  A grandee is a spanish noble who is also peer of the realm  Ghost story
Jolon post office established in 1870
1870’s Spain: Queen Isabella II was induced to abdicate in Paris on June 25, 1870, in favour of her son, Alfonso XII. But things happened and General Prim took over, and was assasinated. Amadeo became King 1871.
First transcontinental railroad connects in San Francisco in 1870. Ulysses S. Grant is President.