It’s amazing how long it takes to make it to Friday and then how quickly the weekend goes. I’m sure there’s some sort of centripetal force behind it.

So yes, I’m way behind on my 100 words in a day. However, I did see a writing contest that I’m going to enter – so that’s my next writing project. Only 4000 words (16 pages double spaced w/ 12 pt font at 250 words per page) – should be a snap! The contest is for an erotic fairytale.

I’ve written a start to one before based on the parable the Wolf and Lamb ala Laurell K. Hamilton style – complete with werewolves. I have some sort of back-brain idea that this will turn into a mystery.  It’s not open-internet friendly (since it’s erotic), so if you want to read it, let me know and I’ll email it to you. Anyway, I’m going (see – didn’t say “trying”) to write something for this contest. Just to get things going. Will post progress here.

I suppose I should update you on book 2. Not moving. Book 1 still needs those 30k words chopped out and no I haven’t started that yet either.  Maybe next week.
Happy Friday all!