Today’s message from the Universe:

<<Imagination is a window to worlds that ALREADY exist, not to worlds that might exist. When you imagine the life of your dreams, you create the life of your dreams… and the more vividly you IMAGINE and FEEL it’s reality, the sooner you’ll live in that world.

Ready to move?>>
Um, maybe?

Anyway. It has been suggested that perhaps I should express myself in a journal. Get all those bad/negative/frustrated feelings out on paper and then burn them. By writing them down, the feelings will transfer to the page and then the page will be eaten up by the flame and the feelings will be transformed into ashes, thus relieving their stress upon my body.  My response? The words make it real. And somehow that reality, burned or not, would be out there floating around, waiting to tack itself to someone’s soul (probably mine) and affect his/her karma.  Wasn’t there something about minding what you think so as to present the most positive and open mind as possible? Something I recall about the the thought making the word making the deed?  Yeah so maybe I need to make up a character and put them through some of the misery I’ve been through, and then write them a happy ending in hopes that that those happy words will somehow come back to me and change my situation. (I’m not saying my current situation is bad – it’s just difficult). How does one write happy endings? Hell – how does one write happy beginnings? And happy middles? And if I write this idyllic situation where nothing is wrong, how would that be an interesting story? All of the writing books say “more conflict!”
I guess the answer is to stay in the moment and enjoy each and every second as if it was my first – each experience as new and exciting and don’t worry about the pundits crying out for drama. Enjoy the way the keyboard keys spring back to my touch. The way the plastic tapping of my movements sound – like some sort of spastic mini-drummer with no sense of rhythm. Enjoy the way the letters magically appear on the screen in front of me. Some are even in good order making real words and portraying real ideas. Maybe real emotions? Nah. That’s going too far.
Blah blah. Okay, I’ve rambled.