I flew to Denver for my visit to Colorado Springs and my buddy The Polly-lama on Thursday evening, August 6th. The flight was excellent amazingly enough. I met a lady name Alaetha in Tucson while waiting in line. Very personable and pleasant traveling companion. It turned out she was also going to Denver for a Sister’s Trip, which sounded like it was going to be grand fun. She’s an out of work real estate agent who has ties with Kitt Peak Observatory, and who’s friend is a good friend of one of my companies senior managers. So, for one of the first times, a complete stranger knew what and why my company was when I mentioned it. Kinda neat. So we hung out on the plane and in Las Vegas went to drink margaritas at Sammy’s Bar and Grill, which was owned by Sammy Hagar’s company. The chicken fingers were expensive but tasted lovely. Unfortunately I don’t think they liked me because my stomach started to complain afterward. We flew away from Vegas as the sun was setting. Perfect lighting. The Grand Canyon was very impressive, and burning – the setting sun making the smoke look purple. Got to see Monument Valley as well. Arrived on time in Denver only to sit for an hour and a half (or more?) on the runway while they sorted out the gates. “We had weather earlier that messed things up” was the excuse. Oh well, we lived.  Polly found me and we arrived at her house about 11:30pm.  Friday we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and then ran some errands, and had lunch with Kymm, Polly’s roommate at an Indian food place. The food was bland but good enough. Kymm had just come from a job interview. Hopefully that comes through for her. Then Polly and I drove downtown to the university area to look at the Victorian houses. My stomach started to hate me then. Before it was unhappy – then it became angry. Then we went back to Polly’s house. Took a nap, and got ready for a pre-baseball game party and the baseball game. No one showed up for our pre-game party but that’s okay. We drank margaritas. I caught a buzz and allowed them to dress me up and make me pretty (I’ve seen the pictures and although Polly assures me that I looked good, I have my doubts) But whatever. Good times. Fell into the bathtub because I thought there was a wall behind me to lean on. Yeah – good buzz. The game was boring. Met up with Polly’s other roommate Levi and his boyfriend (his name just escaped me). The boyfriend was leaving for his first semester (I think) of college in Seattle – so I guess they were a new couple and both were young. Cute together though. Cute in general. Skinny tall boys with lively enthusiasm. The baseball game was not the most exciting. Kymm bought us some beers – neither of us like beer but when in Rome…I ended tossing mine out. Then we went to the Sand Pit (which turned out to be “Porky’s” a bar with sand volleyball courts. Very familiar seeming). Kymm bought us shots of tequila which may have been the stick that broke the drunk’s back. Not much happening there. Kymm tried to pick up a nerdy looking guy who told her to buy him a drink. She declined. We then went to a cowboy bar down the road where a live band had just started. Typical bar band. I guess they had a record or a one-hit. We hung out there for a bit with Kymm trying to pick up other guys. She fled out to the parking lot at one point – telling us that she was just going to the toilet. We found her, called the boys for a pick up – which they graciously did. Passed out.
Got up a little later with a seriously angry stomach. Kymm and I took turns in the bathroom.
Saturday I finally got myself out of bed – didn’t want to spend my whole trip lying about feeling nasty and miss hanging out with Polly and seeing Colorado Springs. She graciously took me for mac and cheese, which I could almost eat. Then we went driving and up to Manitu (sp?). An old mining town turned in to touristy area, kind of like Bisbee AZ. Green and in the trees though. Very cool seeming. Ended up going to the Cave of the Winds. Typical cave tour except we were told repeatedly to touch nothing. The cave appeared to be dead but the guide said “it’s just dormant. If we get enough rain…” Yeah right. They have a lantern tour with a lot more history but a lot longer (1.5 hours) which we decided we’d like to do. Went to dinner at a noisy brew pub that had gourmet food. The cheese soup (Gouda and something) was very tasty but my stomach and energy had fled. Home to crash. Polly’s new friend Dennis came over and they walked the dog, and then went outside and yeah…anyway, she had a good night. I was sick most of it. Felt fairly recovered on Sunday, except for the usual Sunday anxiety attack. Went for along walk which helped immensely with the sickness and the anxiety. Then drove to Denver and flew home.
Colorado Springs struck me that it would be an okay place to live. Polly said it is usually dry but they’d had a lot of rain (stole the monsoon from Tucson I said). It reminded me of a combination between Salt Lake City and Flagstaff. It was a little warmer than I liked (85-90 degrees during the day), but the nights were lovely and there didn’t appear to be any bugs. So who knows – maybe I’ll end up there.