I told myself I was going to write what happened in my travels to San Diego and Colorado Springs. So – here is what I remember…
I drove from Tucson to San Diego with my sister Wrynn on the night of July 16th. We arrived around 1am at Kensley’s house where we crashed on the pull-out couch. Don’s cat, Kensley’s roommate, decided it wanted to go outside around 2am and proceeded to bang the blinds, walk across our heads, and meow. Not really a meow but a “mwrah-AH!” every thirty seconds or so. She kept that up for several hours it seemed. So not much sleep Thursday night. But no biggie.
The next morning we met Yan and Debra at some cool restaurant in University Heights, the name of which escapes me, but it has a large clock in its outdoor seating area. The building used to be a 1940s-ish house. The floors were wooden and had a pleasing pattern. There was a bar next to our table, which only suggested to us that we had to start the day with mimosas. So we did. I remember the food was excellent but I don’t remember what I had. Others in the party had salmon on bagel with cream cheese (which I had the previous time I’d been to the restaurant the time that I had moved K to Dave’s house – beginning of June 09).
Then we went to the Star of India and maritime museum. Walked around the very cool paddle boat, which the operator turned on for us, and went into a submarine, and onto the Star of India itself. We then went across the street to the Elephant and something Pub which had okay atmosphere but a bartender who sucked. He put the mixer in first and the booze on top and didn’t mix at all. Lame. Went off to find our hotel after that.
The hotel was a Courtyard Marriott in downtown. Built in 1928 or so, it used to be a bank. Granite everywhere, and decorated with gold teller stalls, the lobby gave off a great atmosphere of almost medieval meets 1920s. The ceiling was painted, and the mezzanine level looked down on the lobby. All of the surfaces were carved or granite. We had a room on the 12th floor. This was the first hotel that did not sway in the wind, cloomp when you walked, or have paper-thin walls. Very quiet and solid! According to our bartender (whom we under-tipped by accident but then again we were drunk!), the FBI used to live on the 12th floor and there was a shooting range on the 13th. Since it was the roaring 20’s the FBI taught all of the bank tellers how to shoot, and each teller had a shotgun behind her window. Very cool. The basement, called the vault, where the conference rooms were located, was decorated with various bank vault doors and nifty medieval-ish furniture.
Friday night we hooked up with Chang. We had dinner at the Star of India (coincidence?) Indian food, which was excellent, and then went people watching.
Saturday Chang took us to the Silver Strand beach, which is on Coronado Island. The sand has Formica flecks in it, so it sparkles, as does the water. The water was cold at first but I soon got used to it. Spent many hours jumping in the waves. Best time ever! I can’t wait to do it again. Got mildly sunburned, which is good since I normally would have been severely sunburned. Good stuff that 85 SPF. Next time I’m wearing a shirt anyway.
After beaching it, we went back to our various hotels, changed, and meet up again. Chang drove, which was awesome. He took us to friends of Yan’s home; Angel and Tom. Very hospitable people. Excellent food once again, really good booze. Angel and I drank cheap but tasty champagne from Trader Joes while the others drank margaritas. I got good and drunk.
Back to the hotel, crashed. Early to rise for trip back to Tucson.
Awoke the next day with an anxiety attack about my romantic situation back in Tucson, which was not good since I was still drunk. I made Wrynn drive home. We picked up Zephyr and Lenore, friends from Tucson who happened to be in SD that weekend for Zephyr’s cousin’s wedding, which was also on Coronado Island. Uneventful trip back to Tucson through the nasty 113+ heat. Came home to the anticipated (anxiously anticipated) empty home. Anyway – this trip rated an “A” for Awesome. Let’s do it again.