Update: Moving to DC at the end of September. It will be an adventure. I have no expectations and endeavor to live in the now.
Writing halted for the moment due to the hullabaloo of moving, but thinking about writing. Does that count?

Along those lines, my father and I are planning a short Halloween themed story for entry into a contest. Winners will be published in some format in 2010. Our story will be set in 1925-ish, at a mansion on the Hudson, and the hero will be from my father’s pulp fiction stories. It is mostly planned out – just have to sit and write it (as usual).

Another thought for a story is a werewolf western. Most vampire and werewolf stories seem to be set in modern day with immortal or long-lived monsters. If they were so long-lived, surely the had adventures prior to their modern lives? On a different tact, for the werewolf at least – lycanthropy is a disease, and most diseases are degenerative in some manner, so wouldn’t one of the effects of having super-human strength and having to physically re-arrange body parts be to have a shorter lifespan? I would think that all that energy would burn them up, kinda like how a large dog (like a great dane) tends to have a shorter time. Also, if they were immortal/quasi-immortal, and just being scratched or bitten by a were causes the person to catch the disease – wouldn’t we be over-run with little were monsters by now? or at least have developed a tollerance to the disease? Diseases mutate, so if it started in sometime BC – say Greece (will have to do some research on that) – wouldn’t 2000+ years of evolution changed certain aspects?
Anyway -I think my people will have short but intense lives once they catch the disease.
Why a western? Why not – let’s say the disease started in the mediteranian in 3000 BC. Did it travel across the landbridge from Russia to North America? Did it develop into a different strain in Europe than in the North America? In North America, there were native peoples who have shape-changer stories. How many of those were directly magical, and how many were disease? What if character A has the disease and flees EU during the pioneer times (think Louis and Clark or later, Mountain Men era), and sets off to find a safe place to run around and be wolf-like without endangering anyone. So he hires a guide (or not), and sets off into the wilderness of what will later become middle America.  He has run-ins with natives, military folk, trappers/hunters, other homesteaders. Everyone wants their own bit of land and will kill to get it.
Or maybe a real western – set in the west, with cowboys and cattle rustlers…