This time next week I will be leaving the majority of my library behind along with my house, my piano, my dogs and my cat, and my DnD stuff (not to mention my best friend) to go on an adventure in a foriegn land (Washington DC) for an undetermined amount of time.
In order to remember the titles of those books that I am leaving behind, and to maybe turn you on to a good book, I present this list (in no particular order). Check this link for updates from these and other authors:

Patricia McKillip. Favorite book (set) ever: Riddle Master of Hed, followed by Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Changling Sea, and Bell at Sealy Head
Lois McMaster Bujold. Favorite book ever: Paladin of Souls, followed by Memory. Curse of Chalion and all the Miles Vorkosigan books rock.
Roger Zelazny. Fav: Amber series, Delvish the Damned
Fritz Leiber. Fav: Swords and Deviltry, and then the rest of the Fafhrd & Mouser books
Justina Robson: Quantum Gravity books
Laurell K. Hamilton: Anita Blake before she turns into super-slut
Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson books
Marion Zimmer Bradley: Darkover books – cheers to this SCA founder who opened her universe up to anyone who wanted to write about it. And cheers to her for getting away with having incongruent time lines and making no apologies for them. Frustrating to the reader maybe, but good for her. I guess it was good to be one of the first in the SF/F field and have control over editing.
Anne McCaffrey: Fav: Harper Hall Trilogy and Lessa of Pern. All Pern books have happy endings, and sometimes you just need that.
Neil Gaiman: Sandman graphic novels, American Gods, Stardust. And he’s cute.
Harlan Ellison: Spider Kiss. Haven’t read to much of Ellison, but he’s exceedingly entertaining in person.
Ray Bradbury: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Barbara Hambly: The Dark series

And there are more but I’m out of time…