Howdy all. I made it to Northern VA/Washington DC. All is well. May have an apartment by this time next week (or before if the money gods are good to me).
Thoughts about the area…
So far so good. The bus and metro system are nice. Crowded, but nice. Usually very quiet. No one talks, and I thought that was how it was until today. This afternoon I rode the metro toward Vienna and couldn’t help but overhear a conversation – if you could call it that – between a young (25? 20?) woman and her boyfriend and his sister. The girl stood (most of us were standing because it was SRO – the seats were taken) and blabbed non-stop about how indignant she was that an older lady had wanted her to move her bag from the unoccupied seat next to her and how she was like totally offended, like she just wanted to kick that bitch lady for like wanting to sit, so like she finally got up and moved all of her stuff into the middle of the aisle and that bitch lady sat down for like another whole stop like she could have totally stood for that long can you believe it?
Fifteen minutes or more of this self-absorbed self-righteous unforgiving and non-compasionate blather and I like totally wanted to be outside of the train stuck in the traffic. Alone. Peacefully creeping along at 25 mph or less.
So, the driving situation is different from in the west, but I had been warned. I am enjoying the walk from the metro to the office though. The mornings have been beautiful, and the sunlight hitting the tall buildings with all the different architecture is pleasing. There is a two or three story old building next to my new modern building. It has a rounded front, and is tall and thin. Made of brick. I have no idea if it is someone’s house or something. There are no signs on it, but there are some depictions of Jesus in the windows, so maybe it’s home to a cult. Who knows. Cool building though. Across the street from the office, as seen from the conference room windows, there are old brick buildings mixed in with newer buildings and renovations. Some of the chimneys are starting (probably have been that way for years and years) to lean over at odd angles.
DC is clean -not much trash floating around. The one thing that bothers me is the shop owners clean their sidewalks with water. I guess I’m too much of a desert person to let that waste go. Oh well.
I’ll try to get some pictures in here soon. And yes, I’ll write more and chronicle my trip across the US.
Until then…