Gifts in December? Well duh.
Time to start writing again, child. Take those little steps and turn them into bigger strides.
So – as oft said before on this blog, I am once again trying the 100 words in 100 days to get my writing muscles warmed up. I have several stories started/thought about/quasi-written but none finished. As an incentive for finishing these blasted stories, I will give myself a present each time I finish writing a story. Not finish editing (that’s a big gift!) but just getting to the part where I can write “The End”.
On my list are:
Kiss me I’m Irish (Tad and the Vampires) – started here on this blog
Spirals (Solstice at New Grange) – started here on this blog
Temple (Fantasy story for Sleeping Beagle Fundraiser)
Apollo’s Blessing (erotic short story. For possible submission to one of the online romance venues)
Jack Hazard’s Halloween Party (mystery short story for a contest. Due in March 2010)
Caged (short story shape-shifter romance)
Demon in the Studio (book 2 Chaeron)
Ghost story romance for Gail (her ideas, my writing)

Final chopping/edit of Ghost on Tour (book 1 Chaeron. To be submitted to an agent)
book 3 Chaeron
Maybe submission of What Big Eyes short erotic romance to one of the online romance venues