“5) Enjoy the freedom of being unpublished. As an unpublished person, you can write what you want, when you want. You don’t have deadlines to consider, or an editor who tells you to get rid of a beloved character, or a reviewer who is upset that you’ve changed your style. There is an undeniable pleasure in writing something that is completely yours. Something that doesn’t have to answer to anyone.  As a single person, you can do whatever you want and not have to worry about that blasted ‘C’ word—compromise.”
from: How to be Unapologetically Unpublished By Dara Girard
The author compares the state of being single to the state of being unpublished. Interesting and maybe a little creepy. Just a little…

Following in the tradition of last days of the year, I hereby look back at my writing accomplishments for 2009.

Okay, that was quick. Moving on…
People say “Oh, 09 was terrible – looked what happened to x, y, or z” or “The last decade sucked!” I don’t buy it.  Undenighably there were some horrid happenings in the last decade and in the last year but that doesn’t affect my opinion of the year or the decade as a whole. I guess I have no opinion of how the year (or decade) was. Time passes too quickly for me to get stuck on how miserable I was on x date or when y happened. Hell, I have trouble tracking what happened earlier in the day. I guess it all has to do with my quest to be more dog-like. Yes, canine. Canines have lovely short memories. They forgive easily and are willing to give love without complex conditions. All they want is to be allowed to be dogs.
Not an original idea; to be dog-like. There’s a fun song by Davinci’s Notebook about that. It’s called “I wish I were.” http://lyrics.wikia.com/Da_Vinci’s_Notebook:I_Wish_I_Were

Looking forward to 2010, I’ll just say that I’m going to write. It’ll be okay if it sucks, or if it is good. As long as I get some words on screen/paper, everything will be okay.
I hope your new year brings you all good things!