Hi all – long time no post. Sorry about that. Still not writing. Sigh. Ideas are flitering in but no actual butt-in-chair-words-on-paper time happening. It may be “writers block” which as far as I can tell, is related to mild depression.
This winter gray stuff and other unhealing wounds seem to be over-riding my natural bouyancy (don’t laugh! I’d like to think that I have natural bouyancy). Anyway – just saw an article that addiction to the internet leads to depression. HA! So – here most of us are, employed to use the internet daily for up to 6 or more hours, and some of us use the internet to interact socially…we could be addicts and we could therefor suffer depression.
In an different article (both by BBC News by the way), the psychologists/psychaitrists are saying that ADHD may be related to creative genius, and then listing one of those creative geniuses as Kurt Cobain, who was depressed and was either murdered or commited suicide (depending on what report you read). Not being a Nirvana fan, I fail to see his creative ability as genius.
I am not ADHD.
At least not today 😉
Blessings to you