What is it about the stretch between 2pm and 4pm that sucks the soul right out of ya? Is it that all work that is going to be done in the work day has been done, finished or not? Is it that the majority of my co-workers have left except the uber-boss and myself? Is it that I’ve been sitting for six hours in front of the database trying not to drool on the keyboard?
Is it Friday and I can’t wait to get out of work and into a drink?


Time for an affirmation. I am a writer. I will eventually finish something, edit it, and send it to someone. I will do this. Because I am a writer. I am allowed to write and write like crap and write the crap out of that crappy writing. In fact, I write well. I am allowed to write well, brilliantly in fact and with great feeling. I can write. I will write. I do write. I write therefore I am. Write me damn it!