Again with the long dark tea time. My god – are we there yet? OMFG. I need to get some of this blah, this dirty peach-colored section of time, out of my time/space continuum. So please bear with me. Yes, be a bear with me, please?
I am alone in the office. I have technically 1 hour left before I can leave. I will be leaving in 40 minutes if I don’t chew my arm off to escape first. It’s raining. Not that hard-guarentee to get you soaked- type of rain but mist. Washington DC mist. Why mist? Because there’s a screen of fantasy over the city and like forcing a stream of water through a small hole, the reality comes down like the rain here – in a soft mist. Even in Ireland – land of eternal green and a lot of rain – they have real rain. We have mist. Tomorrow the forecast says “heavy rain” – I can’t wait to see what that’s about. But paint me grateful for no snow. I want a drink, a warm blanket & the next disk of Bones to watch. Or Angel. Or maybe even Chuck or Castle. I want to be out of this…oh geeze – 35 minutes more.

Okay – done with that. Thank you for indulging me.

Idea:  Murder at Shady Grove.  A cozy mystery, with the persons investigating the mysterious deaths are residents of a retirement community. Characters: 
Administrator – lady, nice, caring, stressed about the deaths, an impending survey by an accreditor, a surpise inspection by the state regarding the deaths, and then general administrative issues related to running a retirement community – like complaints from the residents, staff issues, boss isues. This Administrator wants the best for the residents and wants to keep her job.
The Secretary to the Residents’ Council. Heroine. Husband has died, but she keeps her self busy by working on the Residents’ Council, playing bridge, taking art classes, watching out for her friends. She tries to assist the Administrator by looking into the deaths. She drags in her cute bridge partner to help. Finds out who the killer is almost too late to save her potential boyfriend. Their love comes to light when she rushes him to the nursing center.
The Retired Detective. Hero. Wife has died. Plays bridge because he thinks it will keep his mind busy. Also does a lot of word, math, and picture puzzles. Not very social. Has heart problems. Reluctantly agrees to look into the deaths because the lady he’s kinda sweet on asked. Killer tries to take him out because he knows too much.
The Owner. Wants the prestige the accreditation will give him and the company. Wants the deaths kept out of the news. Wants to believe the deaths are natural. Threatens Admin’s job because he’s the knee-jerk reaction type.
Food worker. Dissatisfied with his job. Doesn’t like old people. Has a problem with authority. Was overheard, in references to the deaths, that they’re all old anyways – might as well help them along. Save space, time and money by clearing out the old folks. Etc.
Curmudgeon Resident. Villian. Was serial killer in younger days. Got psychiatric help. Grew old, brains started going soft and he reverted to his younger days (a type of dementia?) and so starts killing again to fight back against his internal pain. Methods of killing: poison? deadly injections (a type of poison)? The deaths look natural.
Victims: a small dog. The president of the Residents’ Council. A nosy neighbor lady/bridge player.
Key Clue: Somewhere in the first three chapters or so, Heroine overhears family member of curmudgeon resident say that he’s got a history of mental illness. Heroine doesn’t make much of it because she has other things on her mind like offering to help find the killer. She overhears the Admin say that dementia is like mental illness.

Okay – yes- so you know the solution but if I don’t write it down while I think of it, I’ll totally forget and yeah – you’ll still buy it if I ever publish it yes? You’re so cool 🙂