What is the character’s priority?  Excellence, Comfort, Pleasing or Control.

                 Ranking of the four:  Control, Pleasing, Excellence, Comfort 

What is the character’s mental outlook? Mind (future -analyzing possibilities), Body (now -experiencing whatever’s going on around them), Heart (past – remembering wonderful and awful moments)

           Ranking of the three:     Mind, Body, Heart 

What is the character’s personality type (myers-briggs)?

Judging versus Perceiving – Are they more concerned about the process (P) or the finished product (J)?     
       Finished Product (Judging)

Thinking versus Feeling – What do they value more; fairness (T) or kindness (F)?
       Fairness (thinking)     

INtuition versus Sensation – How does the character gather knowledge – by using the five senses [observation/history/experience] (S) or intuition [insight/hunches/imagination] (I)?
     Observation/History/Experience (Sensation)     

Introvert versus Extrovert – “Which would your character find more exhausting—spending four hours at a party with other people (E), or spending four hours at the library by him/herself (I)?”


Gender:      Male

Description:      79 years old, COPD from smoking which he gave up at 75, Irish Cop from Boston

Life goal (and why):      To stay sharp, because he’s getting older and he’s affraid of loosing his marbles

Specific story goal (and why):      To solve the murder because that’s what detectives do

Fears/hates (and why):      loosing his mind because that’s what happens to people when they get old. Specifically, he’s affraid of getting dementia and no longer knowing his loved ones.

Loves/likes (and why):   Solving puzzles because they give him a sense of accomplishment

History:  Started as a traffic officer and worked his way up to detective of the Boston police department. Retired to a retirement community in northern Virginia to be near his daughter and her family. His wife of 50+ years died last year and he has been lonely and a little reclusive.