What is the character’s priority?  Excellence, Comfort, Pleasing or Control.

       Pleasing, Excellence, Control, Comfort 

What is the character’s mental outlook? Mind (future -analyzing possibilities), Body (now -experiencing whatever’s going on around them), Heart (past – remembering wonderful and awful moments)

         Body, Heart, Mind 

What is the character’s personality type (myers-briggs)?

Judging versus Perceiving – Are they more concerned about the process (P) or the finished product (J)?

Thinking versus Feeling – What do they value more; fairness (T) or kindness (F)?

INtuition versus Sensation – How does the character gather knowledge – by using the five senses [observation/history/experience] (S) or intuition [insight/hunches/imagination] (I)?

Introvert versus Extrovert – “Which would your character find more exhausting—spending four hours at a party with other people (E), or spending four hours at the library by him/herself (I)?”
“The caregiver”


Gender:      Female

Description:      77, white Dorothy Hamil haircut, blue eyes behind stylish glasses, in good shape, with a lively interest her surroundings.

Life goal (and why):      

Specific story goal (and why):      To solve the murder in order to save her home

Fears/hates (and why):      

Loves/likes (and why):

History:  Married for a long time, husband passed. Works as the secretary for the Residents’ Council and is involved in various social groups in the community. The Administrator reminds her of her daughter (who has passed on or is estranged?), so she tries to help her as much as possible. She has a crush on the detective who she drags out as often as possible to play bridge and to be involved in things. The detective is nothing like her husband.