So it’s happened again today. I must have a “Talk to me” sign on my forehead. I was at lunch at an Italian place that’s ala cart-ish, where you get to watch your pasta being cooked. The man fixing my pasta says, without any preamble, “I need to get off early today.” I blinked and he repeated himself and explained that his water had been shut off. His landlady was supposed to take care of the utilities but hasn’t and he recently changed the name on the water account from his to his girlfriend, and he has a 5 month old baby at home and no water. “Oh,” I said, “That sucks.” He nodded, finished my pasta and then told me to enjoy my lunch. I told him I hoped he got off work early and that things would be fixed and he waved as he moved off.
I’m in this restaurant early – so there were no other patrons around. Maybe that’s why he told me.
Maybe he didn’t tell me and I hallucinated it, while staring into his ernest eyes.
Maybe he didn’t tell me in words and I just had a psychic conversation – although I know my mouth was moving.

Anyway, it’s happened before. The magic “Talk to me” sign shows up on my forehead and strangers start talking to me and telling me about their issues. Odd.