So I’m taking this class called “Prune your prose” which is about editing and getting published. The teacher has been published and belongs to SFFWA. She generally writes SFR (science fiction with romance elements). She’s a little short on the customer service skills. Blunt actually. I suppose as an aspiring professional writer I should thicken my skin and just let her comments slide off. I’m there to learn and she has something to teach.
The problem is – I remember taking a class from her when we were both on AOL (say 1997-ish). She made a comment about something I wrote (and this is real-time live with other people in the chat room) and I disliked her for it. And I still recall the comment and the tone (if one can convey tone via print without visual cues) – and it still irritates me.
So here I am 13 years later, trying to be a dutiful student by submitting my homework for feedback (as that is what thrust of this class is – feedback for improvement) but I just can’t get over the apprehension that she’s going to lambast me on the email loop – in front of the other 15 or so aspiring writers in the class. Again. At least the reading of the lambasting will be delayed by a few hours instead of that exact minute.
One would have hoped that in 13 years she could have maybe gotten to be better at providing feedback. And that maybe I might have improved with my writing. Somehow I doubt it.