Do you remember Indigo Montoya sitting in his house, drunk, mumbling to himself about Vescini telling him to go back to the beginning? This is right before Fezzig the Giant comes in and sobers him so that they can take the man in black to Miracle Max for a bit of reviving. Not a full reviving because Wesley was only mostly dead.
Do you remember that?
Well, picture me also following Vescini’s instructions, albeit in a more sober (mores the pity!) state. I’m going back to the beginning.
The beginning consists of learning how to read critically – which is something I have yet to master. I read for pleasure. Period. I don’t, as a rule, dissect and examine what I read. “Good” and “Bad” for me are rated on “did I enjoy it?” and not on technical aspects. However, in order for me to improve my writing, I need to be able to spot bad writing aka. ineffective communication, and good writing aka. effective communication.
The beginning also consists of learning how to string together a series of MRUs (Motiviation-Reaction Units).
Then put those units into a Scene and Sequence format.
Then make those scenes move along with ever-increasing tension and forward movement of the story.

See – I’m starting over. Learning how to write. Again. It’ll be fun.
Seriously. I enjoy plotting out the story. It’s the execution that I fumble on. I have this lovely fantasy/speculative fiction short story planned (using the Scene & Sequel method). The plot looks solid, the characters seem likable. The idea is entertaining. And it’s short – so I can do 6000 words out of this plan, right? Yeah! Go team!

Flat tire

I wrote the first scene and part of the second scene, referring to my G-C-D/R-D-D outline. Re-read it and realized that I had written a R-D-D with some interesting but unnecessary backstory. Sigh.

Really? Only 6000 words. That’s 12 pages. No biggie.
Christ’s-sister’s-cousin-on-crutches Pongo!  Just write the fucking thing.