Granted infants have tiny feet and tend to be unstable perambulating but there has to be another less-used cliché for making a small amount of progress. Anyone? Inch-worming?
I’m inch-worming along in my new endeavor to re-learn how to write. I signed up for a new class called “Bootcamp for Beginners” which has been nice so far. And the instructor is supportive, which is a nice change. I find it to be gratifying that customer service and basic politeness still exist.

I am happy to announce that I have completed chapter 1 of the re-write of Ghost on Tour. I keep thinking of minor edits to do, but luckily they are just single sentences and not the ‘omg’ whole paragraph slashing that occurred earlier. I have chapter two slashed all ready – just need to have the POV character tell me what’s going on. He’ll get to it soon I’m sure. (I hope that is.)

I have a short story tentatively called Phoenix and The Dragon plotted (that is, I planned out the Goal-Conflict-Disaster-Reaction-Dilemma-Decision for the scenes.) Now if I can just do the MRUs in each of the scenes and actually write the piece… I know I have a disconnect between the plotting and the writing. There’s some sort of red clay block, slightly damp, in the way of my thinking and my doing. I can get my fingers wet and muddy but the block is still there. Maybe I need a power hose. Yeah, that type too 😉

Anyway; this is me. Celebrating the inch-worming. Huzzah!