Writing update:
Am on chapter four or five of the re-write. Felt good about most of it but know there are some issues still. Cutting out bits and pasting in other bits and writing new things to fill in the cracks…
And then:
Took a class on how to write – bootcamp basics. The class briefly covered the main topics of writing: plot, characters, setting, spelling/grammar/puncutation/word choice. The class ends this next week with the instructor privately (thank the gods!) critiquing 15 pages of the classmates work. I just happened to have 15 pages from my revised 1st chapter.
Shred city. Same comments, e.g. pov character not likeable, nothing happens, not enough description.
Sigh. I am not going to let this get me down. I will not let this get me down. I can write. I will write. I just have to learn more things and practice more and and and
I believe the issue with my writing is that I, in real life, hate conflict. Can’t handle it, don’t want it, avoid it as much as possible. Conflict means stress and I’m a high-strung pup who internalizes stress to the point of getting physically ill. So when it comes to writing conflict, I’m thinking that perhaps just maybe I don’t want to. Subconsiously. I know there has to be conflict otherwise I might as well be writing about spuds.
Maybe I didn’t watch enough soaps when I was a kid. Yeah, I saw Luke and Laura stuck in the mall overnight – which was a great fantasy – but I don’t remember their issues. I sort of remember Luke being accused of raping Laura, but she must have forgiven him because they married and had kids and stuff.
Daytime dramas are full of conflict. They thrive on them (or I assume they thrive on them – I’m not sure any are still on TV anymore since the last time I tried to tune in the four hour reality-news show was on.) Maybe I should start watching again – or maybe the night-time soaps like …whatever they are. The Kardashians (which is a name from Star Trek right?)
I like to read mysteries and I enjoy romances generally (especially if they have sex and something other than just romance happening). I like science fiction and fantasy. I like historicals. All of these types of genre fiction have conflict but damned if I can pick it out and then duplicate it in my own story(s).
Story Question:
How does one dedicated to peaceful co-existance write drama?