Day two.  Same challenge: describe a location well enough so the reader can identify it without a location name being given.

Architects redesigned the space to bring certain ideas to mind for this oft visited site. Shops selling trinkets set in an arch burrow into the hill like little hobbit holes. The wide stone paved walkway leads upward, in gentle yet awkward steps, toward the tower at the top. Plexi-glass windows and a chest-high stone wall line the left-side of the walk way up, allowing for a view of the land- and sea-scape but disallowing any foolishness, like crawling out to the edge to look down upon the turns and gulls hovering above the crashing tide and swooping into their precarious nests.
At the top of the walkway, a two story round stone tower sits, watching the sea to the west and the green fields to the east. Supposedly it had been built to impress the ladies – as if the view from the top of the walkway weren’t impressive enough.
On the ocean-side, a lone chunk of sandstone rises from the turbluent blue ocean. Whitecaps spin around the edges and meet up again right before the dark wet wall. Bands of shale alternate with strips of green which echos the velvety green of the fields at at the top, like a dark chocolate layer cake with bright green butter-cream frosting.
The wind blows, as often it does when the sea meets the shore, constantly; but it is not unpleasant. The sea is so far below, the smell of it does not reach the tower.

And that’s crap. Will re-write later.