Minutiae has a negative connotation – as in, “don’t get wrapped up in all the little details” but I disagree. I think we need to spend time with the minutiae upon occasion.  Stop and smell those white petal-ed flowers with the yellow fuzzy eye and try not to sneeze.

Found a new writing blog which has some very good advice about all things writing:

Someday when I grow up I’ll have cool and insightful things to say. Until that time, dear reader, you’re stuck with whatever drivel happens to come out my fingers.

Today’s 100 word challenge is to describe a common item without naming it. But before we get to that, I’ll give the answers to the last two challenges. Where in the world #1 was actually Monument Valley and not Sedona. So I failed that one. Where in the world #2 was the Cliffs of Moher, even with my lame description – so I passed that.

Ding. Metal doors slide open to a box, generally square but sometimes rectangular. Sometimes the floor, which is what most people look at when stepping into said box, is nice; decorated, tiled, artistic. Sometimes its utilitarian, and occasionally its a grid – which makes those people who have grid phobias (e.g. OMG the grid is not going to hold me! I’m going to fall through to whatever dark and nasty ending is below me!) extremely reluctant to step in. The walls of the box can be reflective, like metal mirrors – often burnished silver, sometimes copper, or they can be fake wooden paneling, covered with packing blankets, or rough medium gray colored carpet that acts like velcro on fine wispy fabrics. And sometimes the walls are not walls but mere see-through wrought iron. The wrought iron boxes tend to be much more noisy as they climb and descend, but they don’t smell like trapped bodies as some of the enclosed boxes do. Generally the lighting is bright, and the emergency phone compartment is closed, and the “stop right this instant” control needs a key. Most of the doors have motion sensors so as not to trap body parts. Most, but not all. It is certainly unfortunate to have a piece of clothing ride up and down, hanging out the door like a mouse-tail. Some people enjoy jumping while descending, and some people hate being enclosed even for a second. Those people tend to be in better shape because they have to walk up twelve floors or they’re high because they have to take a Valium to withstand the ride. And finally, firemen/firewomen/firefolk really want you to use the stairs if the building is burning. Just a helpful hint. 😉