“Butt in seat, Brain in gear”
Here’s a good reminder to me and perhaps you: What story are you telling yourself about yourself? And if it’s negative, can you rewrite that story?
I hope that we all can rewrite our negative self-story.


The “Tyler Durden” person is evidently a character from the movie Fight Club; a movie which I have never seen. Now, stop panicking. I’m a pacifist in general, so why would I go see a movie called Fight Club? Anyway… I am currently reading a book called  “Awakening Loving Kindness” by Pema Chödrön and the quotes from the Tyler Durden character remind me of the teachings.  I also recently read a book called “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. The message in that book is to dig deep and just write it. It’s okay – no one’s going to freak out, the world will not end – just write it. All this, I think, is the universe perhaps signalling me to get my butt in front of the computer and write while keeping an open and accepting mind.  Pay attention. Don’t let the negative self-editor distract me from the words (hopefully!) pouring from my brain through my fingers on to the keyboard and up onto the screen. And it WILL BE GOOD because it will be true.

So maybe I should go watch Fight Club?

the correct answer is no, Pongo, you need to write something first 😉